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The one that started it all

  • Main series
    Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club Book 1

    The first release, which started it all. Meet Emi, she is a girl just like you. She lives in one of these big cities with mum, dad, and auntie’s dog, Labrador - Chookie. Emi has got loony friends: Nelly, who hates princesses and everything pink; Fau, the girl-spider, very good at climbing and crazy about music; and, finally, - Flora, Emi’s mother's best friend’s daughter - recent enemy, and soon best friend. There are also two boys around - Frank know-it-all, who loves science and experiments, Lucian, who is nothing but charming. One day – bang! – girls gang up to found Secret Supergirls Club – no boy can attend! The girls solemnly declare   NO MORE BOREDOM!

  • Around the World
    Emi and the Secret Supergirls Club AROUND THE WORLD: CALIFORNIA

    Are you dreaming about going on long journeys and exploring the world? Then, join Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club! Thanks to Professor Bunsen's help and an unusual scholarship, the friends will go overseas, visit Asia, and pay a visit to the Queen in London. So pack your bags and set a course for an adventure! During their first journey, friends reach sunny California in the United States. They travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco to stay for a more extended trip over the Pacific to watch elephants... sea elephants! They meet with a bear eye to eye in the national park, watch the tallest trees in the world and burn in the sun in the hottest place on Earth. Finally, the vacation planned in the City of Angels is interrupted by an earthquake! What a trip!

  • The Big Books
    Emi and The Secret  Supergirls Club The Big Book of Adventures #1

    Three books in one volume! The great book of Emi's adventures - girls' favourite main character. Emi is a girl (just) like you. She lives with her mum, dad and a labrador Chokkie in a big city in the house on Small Battery Lane. Emi has got loony friends: Nelly, who hates princesses, musical Fau, Frank know-it-all, charming Lucian and many others. So one day, the girls come up with the idea of starting a secret club. Its motto is No more boredom! Explore the crazy adventures of Emi and her secret club. The Big Book contains extensive excerpts from the previously published volumes: Book 2 (Spanish lesson), Book 4 (Hooray for Holidays!) and Book 5 (Steeds and Colts).

  • Edutorials
    Emi and the Secret Supergirls Club. Smitten Kittens

  • Special editions
    Emi and the Secret Supergirls Club. Smitten Kittens