Agnieszka Mielech



Agnieszka Mielech – a mother to a teen girl, Basia, a writer, and a participant in the business space on a constant journey. Originally coming from Podlasie in Poland, was born and raised in Białystok. In the search for personal growth and development, she has completed various postgraduate studies – Literature for children and youth in the face of modernity challenges at the Institute of Polish Literature of the University of Warsaw. Apart from this, she has pursued the inspiring and motivating Executive MBA (EMBA) business studies at the University of Warsaw.

Writing for herself and her relatives from a young age, she published her first book in 2013. As yet, the Wilga publishing house (Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal) has released a series of Emi and the Secret SuperGirls Club, which already contains over twenty books and two volumes of fantasy novels for teenagers – Jaga Czekolada (Yaga Sugarplum).

What is more, Agnieszka is ardent about startup projects and new technologies related to time management and education. Having travelled much of Europe and only a part of Northern America, she fell in love with California and the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic. She always returns to The Baltic Hel Peninsula, however.

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